Reputation At A Glance

<Part of our series on exploring how to leverage reputation-enriched engagement, in conjunction with

An app for the Apple Watch can be composed of three unique components:  the app itself, a glance, and actionable notifications. The glance is a new concept to the iOS world that only exists on the watch.  It is a single view limited to size of the watch display.  No scrolling or paging is allowed. The only interaction allowed is a swipe to dismiss it or a tap to launch the corresponding app.

If you could only get a glance at your reputation, what would you want to see?

I was lucky enough to already get my hands on a watch and spent a few days designing and contemplating the concept of reputation on a wearable like an Apple Watch.  Duplicating the designs for web and handhelds is interesting because there is so little real-estate.

The first idea was to show the five "core virtues" being here at The World Table to create a reputation: Honest, Respectful, Helpful, Fair, and Likeable.  On a big display or in the capture of the watch that looks ok, but remember this is a glance.  It's a bit hard to digest that much information in a glance.  The overall score is good and easy to glance at but the rest is too busy.  A couple of other views I tried included the ring used in so many of the Apple Watch interfaces with some basic information and the overall score.  These are all screenshots from The World Table app running on my watch.
Although the simple score based views are easier to digest, is it really that useful?  How much is your overall score going to change from glance to glance?  Perhaps showing the number of people ranking you is more important from a glance than the actual score.  A simple tap of the glance will always launch the app to get more details as shown at the top of the post.



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