Guest Post: Why We're Invested

Chris Howden of DeHoek Capital, one of The World Table's largest investors, shares his perspective

Rather than commit funds to fickle public markets with limited visibility into what really happens behind the scenes, we have chosen to allocate some funds to private enterprises where we know the founders and can become deeply familiar with their business challenges and opportunities, and also positively affect their trajectory.

The World Table presents a unique opportunity for those willing to consider a risky, early stage venture with incredible promise.

Our principal reasons for investing are as follows:

1. The Vision
We buy the story -- lock stock and barrel (and the opportunity to contribute to the story).

a. Solves a real world problem: The internet has already and will continue to be a massive, dis-intermediating platform that allows the democratization of information. Information, data and access to that information is changing in ways that could not have been envisioned 10 years ago. All of us enjoy the advantages of long-distance video calls with loved ones, the convenience of remote banking, and the cost reduction from online price comparisons. We also shudder at the consequences of real or potential security breaches that could expose deeply-sensitive private information (credit cards, social security numbers, tax returns, health records).

In some way today, all of us control what information we share and with whom---but where does it go & who controls access to it once we have shared the information?

The World Table roadmap outlines a simple, practical platform that allows us to control what we share, with whom and when. We become our own "wikileaks."

We choose our unique personally adjustable thresholds where we feel comfortable accepting, sharing or receiving information. Imagine a public ledger exposed in a way that is transparent to all based on what we want to be visible---not some accidental leak or deliberate identity theft?  The locus of control moves from 3rd party companies to us (we the people) as the ultimate "owners" of our information.

We already instinctively do in social interactions what The World Table platform will allow electronically. We already disclose/provide feedback based on the business or social context (think home mortgage disclosures to banks, or personal information disclosures to immigration authorities). Where permitted by the individual The World Table platform will allow these exchanges to occur electronically---but controlled by the individual (not the company or governing authority).

Part of our reason for investing is our excitement in the obvious "social good" of having control---which then allows us to trust any transparency.

b. Creates obvious, tangible real-world revenue:  Even a basic understanding of the broad, expansive nature of The World Table platform instinctively leads to multiple revenue generating businesses. Will The World Table capture all of them? Of course not, although even just building the platform and then focusing on one or two opportunities that transparency & trust provides should lead to significant revenue. If The World Table does not succeed, it will be a failure in execution---not from a paucity of opportunity.

Markets will be unlocked and inefficiencies decreased which will lead to revenue and profit.

2. The People
Without great people great work never will happen. The World Table is great work being done by great people. Call around and vett each of the team members. They are tech savvy and competent but also deeply committed to the core philosophy and principles underlying the mission and purposes of The World Table. They are people we want to associate with. We dare you to come spend some time with the team and not leave buoyed up, enthused and committed to The World Table people as people -- and The World Table project as something important with the potential to generate real economic upside. You will find real people who want to make a living but who also deeply believe in meaningful, sustained social change.

3. Promise of Financial Returns
With few exceptions, we invest hard-earned money with a single purpose -- to make a meaningful return on investment. There is no guarantee of success but there is a higher likelihood of success when you combine an excellent team with a great idea and solid execution. Time will tell if the financial return materializes but I am completely happy to publicly vouch for The World Table -- and commit resources to make it successful.

If you have any inclination to consider The World Table we invite you to:

  • talk to The World Table team
  • talk to us,

and then join us in making the internet a safer, more robust, more transparent place for all.



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