The Ongoing American Experiment

Can humans live as trustworthy ideological rivals in peaceful co-resistance? 

Every generation of Americans has to discover for themselves whether or not they want to live peacefully with bothersome neighbors that call their cherished convictions (and often their good will and sanity to boot) into question. The American social order is a continual, risky experiment to see if diverse people can thrive together even though they disagree about the basis for that order, their moral values and the very purpose for life.

Trusted rivals?... Lifelong friends?... Both?

The land of the free was not based on the notion that humans can achieve a unity of conviction. It was founded on the continuity of factionalism. It is a giant ideological dojo where the contestants of conscience trust each other to fight fairly without threat of violence. When enough of us begin to think that the ongoing contest is rigged in favor of one group, then the fundamental trust that allows rivals to be honorable is dangerously threatened—and with that the great American experiment hangs in the balance.

Guest Post: Why We're Invested

Chris Howden of DeHoek Capital, one of The World Table's largest investors, shares his perspective

Rather than commit funds to fickle public markets with limited visibility into what really happens behind the scenes, we have chosen to allocate some funds to private enterprises where we know the founders and can become deeply familiar with their business challenges and opportunities, and also positively affect their trajectory.

The World Table presents a unique opportunity for those willing to consider a risky, early stage venture with incredible promise.

Our principal reasons for investing are as follows:

How NOT to build a reputation system ...

China's Government Shows the Way

"How good a citizen are you? China hopes to answer that question for every one of its citizens with a numerical rating system based on their financial standing, criminal record and social media behavior. A new translation of the government’s plans for a so-called social credit system sheds light on how China aims to utilize 'Big Data' to hold all citizens accountable for financial decisions as well as moral choices."

All Good Citizens...? 
That's the news from the International Business Times. And it's appalling. What's the core motivation they're addressing? Well, frankly, "good citizenship". That objective, in and of itself, isn't so horrible. We live as social beings.

The Reputation Web

Technological Progress Demands Reputation

Technological change is accelerating and transforming our world. Assuming trends persist, we will soon experience an evolutionary shift in the mechanisms of reputation, a fundamental on which relationships are based. Cascading effects of the shift will revolutionize the way we relate with each other and our machines, incentivizing unprecedented degrees of global cooperation.



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